One on One Clients

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I have worked with coaches over the years and have found them all helpful in different ways. But I’ve found that I can only go as deep as the coach has gone themselves. I hired Barbara because I was finding myself at a place where I needed to go deeper than I had ever gone before (to a place I was utterly terrified to go myself). I felt comfortable knowing that Barbara could hold such a tender space for me as I worked through generations of pain. Because of our work together, I’ve been able to soften in ways that never felt safe or comfortable to do so previously - all which have greatly benefited both my personal relationships and my ability to hold space for my own clients. I truly believe that healing is a spiral - without a beginning or and ending - and that Barbara shares that belief with me. I appreciate her willingness to follow the spiral with me, holding space in the easy times as well as the challenging ones. In Barbara I have found a coach, a teacher, a friend, and a fountain of never-ending support.
— Amy Kuretsky // @amykuretsky
As we worked together, I thanked my guiding spirits for connecting me to Barbara. I finally understood the significance of meeting her two years earlier to our coaching that had built enough trust to jump into this deep inner work of learning to be fully present & completely here With my feelings, my grief, my anger, my mistakes, my addictions, my wounds, my messy yet beautiful life.

My favorite thing about working with Barbara is that every session felt like an exhale and uncomfortably easy.  Unlike traditional therapy or self-improvement style stuff that can often times feel painful (e.g. diving into our shadow selves and childhood wounding), sessions with Barbara had depth yet felt gentle and nourishing.  And the parts of me that is conditioned to believe that awakening is achieved through deep pain, was surprised and sometimes doubted, am I doing any work here, why is this not painful? 

I came into this with a limiting belief that for the process of self-development to be meaningful it must be incredibly painful.  Be With Coaching is not that.  Barbara has a natural ability in meeting you where you are in life and journeying with you from there.  Be With Coaching supported me to deeply witness and celebrate my experiences especially the most difficult and challenging ones.  
— Kanwal Rahim // @kanwal_rahim
I discovered Barbara on Instagram, joined a webinar of hers, and within moments connected more fully with my body and intuition than I had in months , if not years, maybe even decades. I was fresh off several years of talk therapy that was helpful to a point and not really looking to work with someone else one-on-one. (Famous last words about lovers and coaches?) But I knew that if I got that much out of a webinar… Well let’s just say I’m so glad I did, because working with Barbara was like adding rocket fuel to my journey of healing and growth.

Trust Barbara when she says that you can speed up be slowing down. You can and you will. We shifted more for me in six months than three years of traditional talk therapy. It was like she had a direct line to my intuition even though I thought I could no longer hear it, and she taught me to tap into it too. Her playful, multidisciplinary, and intuitive approach was exactly what I needed to reframe and finally shift tired old mental, emotional, and physical patterns (the endlessly analyzing them with my brain I was doing prior was NOT), and my hunch is no one’s sessions are exactly like anyone else’s, but everyone’s are exactly what they need.

Finally, although years of training in ballet and acting had accustomed me to folks who coach with a “tough love” approach, I was starting to sense that I didn’t need another critical voice in my head (my own is bad enough, thanks). Nor did I need another enabling one (mine will always tell me I deserve the ice cream), and Barbara’s radical kindness paired with firmness ended up teaching me what true self-compassion looks, and for that I cannot thank her enough.
— Keriann Kohler // @kamzko
chose to work with Barbara because I experienced an in-person coaching session with her during a workshop and was absolutely blown away by how deeply seen and supported she made me feel in only ten minutes. As we worked together, she helped me vastly increase my capacity to sit with myself and my feelings, to be kinder and gentler to myself in every way, to access the wisdom my body holds, and to listen to and meet my own needs every single day. Working with Barbara helped me change the way I fundamentally approach my life moment to moment and I could not be more grateful.
— Erica Midkiff // @ericamidkiff
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Barbara is truly a healer. What I love the most about working with her is she creates an open space for me to truly express, explore and discover myself. Through her, I have learned that emotions are truly gifts that can guide us to the best versions of ourselves. Working with Barbara is a very positive experience that I would highly recommend for anyone.
— Juanita Kwarteng
Working with Barbara has been the single greatest thing I could have ever done for myself. Even though establishing boundaries is something that I’ve known for years I needed to do, I never quite knew exactly how. Through a couple of sessions and one really powerful visualization exercise, I knew in my bones the tough decision I had to make. Since establishing that boundary, I have felt more liberated and so much more in alignment with living one step closer to my truest self. Barbara has helped me realize that I cannot control other people’s reactions, and that should never be the reason why I don’t do what I know I need.

Barbara is unbelievably mindful, honest, approachable, and downright lovely. She makes me feel like I have an honest partner in doing this meaningful soul work. I see her sharing very openly about her own struggles and triumphs - she truly understands what it’s like to do this work too. Not only is she my teacher, but she’s a fellow seeker. To have someone see you so completely, and to support you as you learn to best support yourself, is an experience I wish to bestow on anyone. I feel her unconditional love and support, and she is setting an example for how I want to show up in my life.
— Maggie Gentry // @maggiegentry_
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I love working with Barbara! I came to her at a very challenging time in my personal and professional life. I knew that if I didn’t seek help, I was going to lose control of my business. I’ve been working with her for six months now, and I always look forward to our sessions. She has taught me to slow down, take a breath and really listen to what my body needs. It sounds easy but it has taken me months to learn the answers I already have inside of me. I’m amazed each session how much I have on my mind, and appreciate how gentle and approachable Barbara’s approach is.
— Rachel Kelly // founder of @makelemonadeco
Wrapping words around Barbara, was admittedly, more difficult than I had imagined.
Not because I did not know what to say.
But because, I feel that some words that I could use to describe Barbara, her spirit and her work simply do not exist in the English language.

I was introduced to these two words recently: collective effervescence*.
Together, they mean, an experience of connection.
Communal emotion.
A sensation of sacredness.
Her work is transformative.
And, she is exceptionally gifted.
In listening.
In seeing.
In loving.

Go for it, sisters.
You are worth it.
And, she is the woman you want to walk alongside you.
From my heart to yours.

*Source: Thank you to the French sociologist, Emile Durkheim, for that exquisite explanation of collective effervescence.
— Mary Lynn Futures // @gathertonourish
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As soon as I met Barbara, I felt an instant connection and felt drawn to work with her. I love the principals she stands upon and the focused + intentional approach to her work. This was evident before we even had our first session together. Through her coaching program, I was able to work through some BIG pieces that had been holding me back for a very long time. Giving me the courage share my voice, along with permission to take up space in order to take care of my deepest needs. Barbara is not only an amazing coach, but she truly embodies what she teaches. Her sessions taught me to practice compassion not only for others, but also for myself. At the end of our time together I left feeling empowered, heard, and inspired to take the action that I deeply needed in my life.
— Amber Ellis //
I have been working with Barbara for just over a year. It has been a season of transformation in my life where I’ve stepped into my own power in powerful and powerless ways. This may seem paradoxical, though it is actually truly whole. I know my limits in ways that allow me to have optimal impact where I am called and able to, and can stop pushing rocks up mountains and let go of expectations of what I ought to be doing.

If you’re reading this, chances are you are in the right place. At very least, contact Barbara for a free consultation and see for yourself. I had my consult a few months before we started working together. I only pulled the trigger after a life crisis that blindsided me and it was a blessing to have someone already primed with where I was coming from, so I could step into the real work right away.

Barbara supported me in a truly unique way I had never experienced in my life up until that point. The first and still best tool humans ever had was and is our minds. As a society we spend far too little time sharpening the emotional blade of our minds. When life gave me something tough to cut through, my blade was too dull to make it. Investing in time with Barbara was like sharpening my knife, to hone my psychological tools and be able to navigate life in a way I’d never imagined possible. I wish you luck on your journey.
— Joshua Fernandes

Be With Mastermind Members

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I decided to join the Be With Mastermind the moment I heard about it. I had been wanting to work with Barbara for a while and I just knew this was it. Since the beginning, Barbara made sure we all felt safe, seen and supported by holding the space for all of us. It was pure magic. She has this gift of bringing powerful, inspiring and loving folks together and it’s been a great honour and experience to work with her. I have received and given support without judgment, in the most loving way. I’m a better person for it. Every two weeks, our call was like coming home to a supportive group of amazing people, and coming home to myself. I loved the realness of it all. We did not try to be anyone else than who we were on the calls. All of who we are were accepted.

Barbara’s approach is unlike any other. She puts compassion, love and acceptance at the core of her work and it’s something you can feel in every interaction with her. She encouraged me to stay in my tenderness when needed, but also helped me to see the power I hold and the leadership I’m called to take in my life. These 6 months with her have been an incredible experience, one of the best decisions I’ve made as a business owner / coach / human being. I grew immensely on a personal level. I also have grown immensely as a member of a collective: I gained a sisterhood - and this is priceless. If you’re on the verge of working with Barbara - do it. Your soul will thank you for it.
— Marion Chloé Theis // Digital Nomad //
I felt called to join after seeing Barbara’s impromptu instagram live. There was a part of me that was like “YES, you have to do that”, despite thinking my business was too small and that I may not be ready yet. I trusted that body feeling. As we met, I continuously left each call with a deep sense of gratitude. Gratitude for the women in the group who began unapologetically taking up space, stumbling through messy explanations of what was going on in their business, and showing up to these calls as their imperfect selves, ready to dive in.

The sense of belonging and community I received is unlike any experience of community I’ve had before - where we can all show up imperfect and also powerful. Where we can give power to each other. Where I don’t have to have the answers, I just need to show up as myself and trust that we as a group - we’ve got this.
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Because of our work, many things external from me have happened — I left a job, committed to a coach training program, ran a 30 day audio challenge, recorded & launched season 2 of my podcast, grew my art business, set new boundaries... and made 3 new amazing friends that I speak with on an almost daily basis. The biggest shift was inside of me, though. I’m a more trusting person - with myself, and with others. I realize that I’m supported more than I know.

Barbara is super weird in the best way possible. She brings her full self to the table, dance moves and all, and that includes the deepest compassion I’ve ever seen for her fellow human beings. She’s an intuitive badass who challenges the patriarchal ways we’ve learned to do business. I’ve learned that The Be With approach is all about slowing down to get closer to your feelings. It’s knowing that all the feelings are information, and are meant to be felt. The approach is considerate, gentle, compassionate, and like you’re being held in the coziest nest possible.
— - Jordyn Fitzgerald // @jordynfitz
I can easily say, hands down, joining the Be With mastermind was the best decision I made all year. There’s no one like Barbara, but sometimes I wish there was, because I wish everyone I know could take part in this work. I have no doubt that the massive joy and financial expansion I’ve seen in my business since we began can be attributed to our mastermind. But it’s so much more than business strategy. It’s spending time to get down to the most fundamental foundations of support in your life, patching the cracks and rebuilding from the ground up. Barbara facilitates in a way that gently places a mirror of truth in front of you, unconditionally validating whatever you’re going through and teaching you how to do the same for yourself and others. I learned how to be more present with where I am in any given moment, how to move through any experience with less judgement and greater ease, and how to ask for what I need. My capacity for holding space has grown exponentially: for myself, for my friends, for the clients in my coaching practice and for my project management work. These are deceptively hard skills to master, but they’re invaluable. And even though there’s so much that’s amazing about the experience, the best part has been creating deep ties of kinship with the other womxn in the mastermind—to continue connecting with, leaning on and loving up each other, even now that our mastermind is “done.” This work has been a true gift and an investment I gladly would make so many times over.
— Iris Rankin // @iris_rankin
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In my first meeting with Barbara I knew that I had met someone special, a kindred spirit if you will. And when she invited me to join her mastermind group, my whole body said YES! And I’m so grateful that I did. Being in a mastermind with likeminded souls and having Barbara guide us all, as well as the process created a safe space for deep support and healing. Barbara has a beautiful ability to know what to say and when to say. She challenges you, supports you, guides you and accepts you. She allows you to talk and knows when to pause and just be there and listen. She also knows when to allow others to step up into their loving power and support you. It’s incredible. She lives and models her Be With philosophy. Through her mastermind and this experience, I have taken my own healing to another level which has allowed me to show up for my own clients in a much greater capacity. I’ve loved myself in greater ways and owned my gifts and abilities as a healer. And I have learned how to be with myself in the most loving way. Thank you, Barbara. You are a gift and treasure.
— Sandra Kermode // @sandrakermode

Workshop Participants

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I was nervous to sign up for the Be With Workshop. And I was even more nervous to step into a room full of people that I didn’t know and say “hey, this is me, the whole messy, complex, beautiful me”. But something about Barbara, the way she speaks and gently guides and builds community, it made it ok for me to step into and showcase my truth. I’ve never felt safer and simultaneously energized and alive as I did in that room, with all those strangers that quickly became friends. It’s been months since the workshop and I’m still using what I’ve learned. So I encourage you to take the leap. Take what might feel like a risk. Because Barbara will be there to catch you and wrap you in a warm embrace. And your life will change.
— Asha // Austin, TX // @adventureswithasha
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The Be With Workshop was a gift! I’m not used to investing time or even money in myself this way, but I’ve been drawn to Barbara and her energy in such a way that I couldn’t miss the workshop. The two-day experience was wildly enriching because, in as fun as meeting people through technology is, it doesn’t compare to the magic of connecting with like-minded women to have deep, meaningful conversations in person. Barbara created a space that felt safe to really be with ourselves and each other. Instead of endlessly trying to fix the situation that causes me pain, I’m learning to ask what support do I need to be with this? Poof, magic.
— Hermila Durán // Austin, TX // @hermila.duran
“The space with Barbara felt warm and safe. I came to the workshop not knowing anyone, and I left feeling so emotionally connected and supported. Barbara is a true healer, and her insight, wisdom, and grace left such a profound impact on my healing heart. This workshop is a true gem for anyone looking for connection, self forgiveness and connection”
— — Amy Tucker // Austin, TX // @mamapeaceaustin
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