Hi, I'm Barbara, and I offer coaching, retreats and resources to help smart, hard working women stop feeling anxious and insecure,

because you are worthy of all the support you need.


A six month commitment to community to nurture your business growth by prioritizing your personal growth as a business owner. 


One on one support to help you make both internal and external shifts that will allow you to experience more meaning and presence in your daily life. 


A simple tool tool to help you break the nasty habit of putting yourself last. Get ahead of your to-do list, and invite more ease, joy and connection into your life. 



Imagine an intimate group of driven, inspiring women, ready to give themselves the kindness and love they give everyone else. 

Be With Workshop & Masterclass

July 28th & 29th - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
July 31st & August 1st - Syracuse, New York



Join us Night 1 for the Be With Workshop.

The first night is an open event for you to learn more about the Be With philosophy and connect with other cis & transwomen/genderqueer folks who are eager to approach life from a place of enoughness. 

We'll follow up on Night 2 for the Be With Masterclass.

The second night will build on the teachings from the Workshop so that an intimate group of 10 cis & transwomen/genderqueer folks can directly witness the power of Barbara's coaching firsthand. With this more intimate setting, we'll be able to go deeper and each person will reap the benefits of this small group coaching atmosphere. It is highly encouraged that you come for the Workshop if you are also planning to come to the Masterclass.


Prince Edward County Weekend Retreat Spring 2018

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