Envisioning your dream wedding?

Let’s take it one step further,
and set the foundation for your dream life together!

Photo by Inna Yasinka

Photo by Inna Yasinka

My name is Barbara and it would be my absolute honour to support you and your sweetheart as you prepare for your wedding day and cross the threshold into marriage.

Of course you want your wedding day to be beautiful.
But you also long for more:

To start your marriage off with a strong foundation.

To have a deeply engaging wedding that brings your community closer together, making it unforgettable for both you and them.

To mark your marriage with a unique ceremony that is customized to your love story, values and personalities

That's why I want to help you prepare for this new stage in your partnership, and craft and perform a unique ceremony that does your love justice.  As an inter-faith minister, performance poet, emotional wellness coach I’m an expert at what it takes to speak and listen from the heart. I don’t just mean on the big day. I mean every single little day too, because those are the days that marriage is really about. 

I work with couples who long to create a wedding, marriage, and common life filled with meaning, laughter and deep intimacy.


Packages & Services

Pre-Marital Coaching: 

Better your communication and strengthen your partnership so you can build a strong foundation for your marriage, and handle any conflict with grace and compassion.

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Custom Ceremony:

Envision and experience a wedding ceremony that does your unique love story justice. Go on a journey to create a bespoke ceremony that reflects your values and nurtures your relationship.


The Whole Package:

Build a strong foundation for your marriage through pre-marital coaching, a custom ceremony, and a post-wedding visioning session for your first year of marriage.


Contact me for a free consultation to see if we're a good fit! 

“Working with Barbara on our ceremony has been one of my most favourite parts of planning a wedding. At first, I was very uncertain about the process. Barbara broke the work down into an enjoyable storytelling experience and made me feel comfortable from the beginning. Her exercises allowed me to feel to reflect on and organize what I wanted to say to my partner in a simple and yet meaningful way. After each meeting with Barbara I felt more and more confident. It has been a wonderful experience.”
— Sideeka Narayan, Bride

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“We were extremely happy with Barbara’s performance at our wedding ceremony. She even wrote a unique and personalized poem that spoke about our personalities, our love and how we were meant for each other. The poem was very touching and romantic and Barbara recited it beautifully. This moment will forever stay with us. Thank you Barbara for being part of our special moment.”
— — Inna & Nikita
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Contact me for a free consultation to see if we're a good fit! 


What are your credentials?

I spent over a decade in ministry in a variety of Christian churches, offering pastoral counsel and running services, groups and programs for both children and adults. I completed most of my Master's of Divinity but left before joining the priesthood due to my progressive religious and social beliefs  . I've since completed a certificate program in Gestalt Psychotherapy Theory and Methodology and training in Co-Active Coaching. I combine spiritual direction, psychotherapy and coaching to offer a holistic form of support that honours mind, body and spirit.

Can you legally marry us? 

Not yet - I am currently in the process of obtaining an Ontario license to marry. However, if legal marriage is an important part of your wedding day for you - we can make that happen! I work with a local legal representative who I'm happy to coordinate the paperwork with and have a great relationship with. Alternatively, you can also sign the papers at your local municipal office at another time.

Are you LGBTQ and poly friendly?

Yes. All arrangements of committed partners are welcome and celebrated! As a queer woman in a inter-faith partnership, I am a big believer in our right to commit to those we love, and how we love them in any way that holds meaning for us - whether that is legally recognized or not.

Do you craft any other types of ceremonies?

Yes. Last summer I had the opportunity to officiate my first baby welcoming ceremony, and look forward to doing many more of those. I also want to explore other forms of ceremony creation as well, especially for LGBTQ folks including naming ceremonies for trans folks and family formation ceremonies for queer folks exploring co-parenting. Please be in touch if any of these options interest you. 

Are you willing to travel?

Yes, I'm more than happy to travel. I have travelled all over the country and across the border to perform poetry and would be happy to travel near and far to celebrate love!