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I decided to join the Be With Mastermind the moment I heard about it. I had been wanting to work with Barbara for a while and I just knew this was it. Since the beginning, Barbara made sure we all felt safe, seen and supported by holding the space for all of us. It was pure magic. She has this gift of bringing powerful, inspiring and loving folks together and it’s been a great honour and experience to work with her. I have received and given support without judgment, in the most loving way. I’m a better person for it. Every two weeks, our call was like coming home to a supportive group of amazing people, and coming home to myself. I loved the realness of it all. We did not try to be anyone else than who we were on the calls. All of who we are were accepted.

Barbara’s approach is unlike any other. She puts compassion, love and acceptance at the core of her work and it’s something you can feel in every interaction with her. She encouraged me to stay in my tenderness when needed, but also helped me to see the power I hold and the leadership I’m called to take in my life. These 6 months with her have been an incredible experience, one of the best decisions I’ve made as a business owner / coach / human being. I grew immensely on a personal level. I also have grown immensely as a member of a collective: I gained a sisterhood - and this is priceless. If you’re on the verge of working with Barbara - do it. Your soul will thank you for it.
— Marion Chloé Theis // Digital Nomad

The Be With Mastermind

The Be With Mastermind is a six month commitment to nurture your business growth by prioritizing your own unique process as a business owner. 

It's about showing up for yourself, so that you can show up for your business like you've always wanted to. Both as a coach and as an entrepreneur, I know firsthand the difference mastermind community and support has made to my building a sustainable, impactful and deeply nourishing coaching practice. I wish so much these things for you too – the courage to build from your knowing, the companionship to know you are never alone, the deep sense of wonder and awe that lights up in us when we are living in alignment and flow.

FORMAT:  Twelve bi-weekly 90 minute calls facilitated by me and with 2-3 other women at a similar biz stage to you, offering you community, accountability and the emotional support you've been looking for to make your vision a reality.

VALUES: Steeped in the Be With methodology which means you have to be a YES to the following:

  • being real over being perfect

  • sustainable, intuitive growth

  • taking aligned action rather than grind it out hustle 

  • exploring the possibility that you already have everything you need, including the answers you seek 

COST: $220 USD X 6 Months, or $1250 USD upfront

WHAT THIS ISN'T: A business program to teach you business strategies.

WHAT THIS IS:  A safe space to fall apart, be challenged, grow and flourish as a person and a business owner.

REGISTRATION: Opens officially in late September. Drop me a line at to get on the waiting list!