Barbara Erochina, Founder

Barbara is an emotional wellness coach, multi-passionate entrepreneur, and badass self-care rep. After careers in pastoral care, performance poetry, personal support work, and communications, Barbara decided it was time to synthesize all she'd learned and start a private practice offering one on one emotional wellness coaching. Be With is the expansion of that practice and Barbara's vision for a more a compassionate way of relating to ourselves and others. She's schooled in Gestalt psychotherapy, Co-active Coaching, Pastoral Care and Creative Writing, so don't ask her to change that bike tire, cause she doesn't know how to. Her favourite mug has two unicorns on it, and her house has three in residence including herself, her sweetheart Tanya and their cat-unicorn Thatcher. @barbaraerochina


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Lauren Corindia - Organizer Extraordinaire

Lauren is an organizer of all things - people, events, fridges.  Coming from a family of hoarders, Lauren comes by her skills honestly, and has been organizing since she was a kid.  As the administrative assistant of Radical Acceptance Coaching for the past two years, she has dedicated herself both on a personal and professional level to a journey of complete self acceptance.  As Be With's project manager, she is deepening that work through their joint commitment to make all feelings okay. When she’s not in organizing mode, you can find her cooking good food, throwing a frisbee, or playing mandolin on her front porch.  Lauren is half way through a year-long instagram project about self love. @selfloveselfie  


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Crrumb - Design Hustlers

Stefanie Fiore and Rondie Li are the duo behind Crrumb, a Toronto-based creative agency who specializes in print and web design for heart-centered and socially-conscious businesses. They take a holistic approach to the creative process, and love utilizing smart and thoughtful design to make simple ideas look captivating. Stefanie and Rondie are also Virgos, cat lovers, and karaoke fanatics.





Zoë Alexis-Abrams - Illustrator

Zoë Alexis-Abrams (b. Kingston ON 1986) is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist, vocalist and composer. She graduated from the York University Creative Writing program, where she wrote award-winning poetry under Michael Helm and Rishma Dunlop. Her installations and musical compositions actively dismantle language, and by extension, institutions. Large scale works have appeared at Toronto mainstays like Roundtable Residency, Long Winter, and Ghost Hole. With her band Manticore, alongside guitarist David Jones, she's played with the likes of Paul Dutton and Michael Snow, WORK/DEATH, Silver Apples, Not The Wind Not The Flag and M Lamar. @spirituallifequeen

Brigid Dineen - Copy Support

Brigid Dineen is a coach, speaker and writer who believes that self-care is the new feminism. As a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, she helps busy women learn to say no without feeling guilty so they can reclaim their time, energy and peace of mind. Through one-on-one coaching, workshops, and retreats, she helps her clients reconnect to themselves through self-care, learn to set clear, healthy boundaries, and cultivate the courage and confidence to go after what they really want. Brigid’s current favourite self-care practices are yoga, meditation, writing, singing, being in nature, and reading feminist books. @brigiddineen