This Mother's Day, give your mom the gift of self-care.

Help her break the habit of putting herself last with this sweet gift. In just a few minutes a day, Cards for Self-Care will help her get ahead of her never ending to-do list, and finally give herself the love, time and attention she lavishes on everyone else.

Cards for Self-Care are a set of thirty-six cards divided into six categories: write, speak, ask, rest, move and affirm. Each category suggests simple prompts to help you practice self-care in the moment. Each prompt takes five minutes or less to complete, and will leave you feeling refreshed, grounded and ready to tackle your day. Based on principles in mindfulness, self-compassion and positive psychology, the cards are a proven method to develop healthier mindset and self-care habits.   

MOTHER'S DAY SPECIAL: Order your deck by May 9th to receive it by mother's day and get a mini-deck as a gift!  A mini-deck consists of all six cards in any one of the six Cards for Self-Care categories.

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“I start my week by choosing one card to guide my intentions for the week. I usually put the card on my dresser so I can see it and take it in while getting ready in the morning. I just love the watercolour design, it’s so calming. I’m always surprised and happy about the words and feelings the card brings!”

Jessica Tudos
Educator, Author, Speaker
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“Being a self-critical writer, I need to be reminded to be kind to myself and Cards for Self-Care are perfect for this. They’ve become part of my early morning ritual and have helped me to set the tone for the day. Their short directive messages are easy to recall and come back to, again and again.

Susan Cruickshank,

The Research

We tell ourselves that we don't have time for self-care. After all, we're committed to the  #hustle, motivating ourselves to accomplish more, and become a better version of ourselves. But on a deeper level, we know that our driving ourselves into the ground on a daily basis is actually preventing us from being in alignment with who we really are and taking risks that matter.

In her ground-breaking research on self-compassion, Dr. Kristin Neff shows that when we achieve results by driving ourselves and judging ourselves harshly, our minds and bodies perceive that judgment as a threat, which raises our levels of cortisol andadrenaline. This keeps us in nearly constant flight or fight mode. (You'll recognize as that constant lack of safety you feel) At its least harmful, having poor self-care habits keeps us stressed and unable to do our best creative work; at its most harmful it’s a deadly concoction that leads to high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

In contrast, self-care, kindness, and compassion activate our mammalian caregiving system, reducing our stress levels and flooding us with oxytocin and opiates -- the feel good hormones. Experiencing our own tender loving care helps us feel safe, putting us in an optimal mindset to make strong decisions and do our best when confronted with challenges.







"Cards for Self-Care give me permission to pause. I always return to my workday feeling more centred. I use them with my community to switch off autopilot, and facilitate deeper connections."

 • Emily Antflick, Founder of Shecosystem: Coworking & Wellness

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Ready to practice some self-care?

The cards can be used daily or weekly, or just when you need them. Shuffle them and pull one at random, or work through them category by category. It’s up to you. Tame your inner critic by bringing the benefits of self-care into your everyday life.

Because you deserve to give yourself the love and time you give everyone else.


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