The Be With Initiation is an online training in the practice of holding space, with me your guide Barbara Erochina.


Centred on community and sacred passage, the Initiation will support you to expand your capacity to hold space for yourself and others.

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We’re waking up. And we’re doing so in magnificent and turbulent times.

We’re learning just how acute our need for healing is, both as a collective and in our own individual lives.

And as our awareness of the work set out for us heightens, our containers to do that work must expand. Spiritually by-passing and positivity washing are no longer an option. The time for deep authentic healing is now.

This is what The Be With Initiation is here for. To offer you real, grounded, responsible and wholistic support to be present on your healing journey, and to teach you how to offer the same kind of support to others.

Together we will practice deepening, strengthening and fostering our space holding skills.

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The Be With Initiation is both a personal and professional training program that can be done as a three or six month commitment, depending on your needs, budget and desire for support.

The training is experiential and relational and will engage your mind, body and soul in the practice of holding space. Tools used and skills explored will include (but are not limited to) self-compassion, ritual, anti-oppression, vulnerability, movement, breathwork, meditation, visualization, inner child work, psychodrama, desire and journaling.

The Initiation shares the best and most effective of all I’ve learned in my last thirteen years through personal experience, formal education and self-led study. It is a weaving together of principles and practices from the fields of psychotherapy, pastoral and spiritual care as well as feminist and queer theory.  Most of all, the Initiation is shaped by my own healing, and commitment to holding space for myself and my clients.

The program will begin on February 6th, with the Three Month Initiation wrapping up in early May, and the Six Month Initiation wrapping up in early July. Audio lessons and experiential exercises will be released every Wednesday morning for 13 weeks. Small group calls will be scheduled based on member availability. Detailed dates can be seen below in the course syllabus.

Enrolment for the Initiation is now closed.


The initiation can be done as a three or six month commitment, depending on your needs, budget and desire for support.

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for all space holders includes

  • a personalized 30 minute intake call with me to explore what your space holding practice already looks like, what your unique goals for the course might be and how to support yourself to get the most out of the training.

  • pre-course questionnaire for you to begin to drop into the work

  • 13 pre-recorded audio trainings released weekly on Wednesdays, paired with experiential exercises for you to practice, including guest conversations with indigenous healer and visionary Asha Frost, as well as intuitive guide Mara Glatzel.

  • Three ninety-minute live calls in an intimate group with me and 6-7 other participants, curated based on our intake call, during which you will have a chance to receive group coaching from me and have your space holding questions addressed.

  • Three ninety-minute live experiential healing workshops: Breathwork with Amy Kuretsky,
    Intuitive Movement with Sophie Luxton and Intuition Card Creation with Or Har-Gil.

PRICING UPDATE: Accessibility has always been one of my main values, and honouring my values is where it is at. If you’re looking at that price and thinking “There is no way I can afford that!” you can pick your own price between $333 and $777 for the program. To help you decide what your price should be I recommend checking out this article or this graphic, by Amber from The Wild Garden and Alexis from Worts + Cunning Apocathery respectively. Then, send me an e-mail at to let me know a little bit about where you’re at and what you can afford to pay.

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Barbara helped me vastly increase my capacity to sit with myself and my feelings, to be kinder and gentler to myself in every way, to access the wisdom my body holds, and to listen to and meet my own needs every single day. Working with Barbara helped me change the way I fundamentally approach my life moment to moment and I could not be more grateful.
— Erica Midkiff // Creative Entrepreneur // @ericatmidkiff
Barbara is truly a healer. What I love the most about working with her is she creates an open space for me to truly express, explore and discover myself. Through her, I have learned that emotions are truly gifts that can guide us to the best versions of ourselves. Working with Barbara is a very positive experience that I would highly recommend for anyone.
— Juanita Kwarteng // Digital Strategist
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for professional space holders includes

  • Everything included in the three month initiation, with your small group placement based on being with others at a similar stage of business and experience to you.

  • Six additional small group coaching sessions during the second semester, taking place bi-weekly. During these session you will have opportunities to receive coaching from me, as well as practice your space holding skills with others and receive realtime feedback from me.

  • One sixty minute session with me during the second semester to help integrate the learning into your client work, and your personal self space holding practice.

  • Option to receive ongoing supervision support to bolster your client work.

PRICING UPDATE: Accessibility has always been one of my main values, and honouring my values is where it is at. If you’re looking at that price and thinking “There is no way I can afford that!” you can pick your own price between $1333 and $1777 for the program. Please keep in mind, that if you have your own business, or do this work professionally, you may be able to consider some or all of the cost of this training program as an expense. Consult your accountant for their advice. To help you decide what your price should be I recommend checking out this article or this graphic, by Amber from The Wild Garden and Alexis from Worts + Cunning Apocathery respectively. Then, send me an e-mail at to let me know a little bit about where you’re at and what you can afford to pay.

Learning from Barbara is a true honour. The approach she teaches is thorough and deeply responsible. My client practice and ability to hold space has been forever changed from watching her work up close and having her breakdown all that is happening. I can’t recommend Barbara and the Be With approach enough—because I think this responsible, informed, and impactful approach is what we need.
— Rebecca Jacobs // // Style Coach // @rebecca.jacobs
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Being a part of Barbara’s training was a gift to both my personal process and business growth. From start to finish I felt supported, heard, and affirmed, and there was space to truly be with my practice as I engaged with new learnings and tangible opportunities to practice holding space. As someone who frequently questions “am I good enough to join this group?” I immediately felt at peace and in alignment with the care and intention that Barbara creates into every aspect of her trainings and work holding space. A meaningful takeaway for me was the impact of collective group work and how learning alongside others is such a needed and powerful part of our growth as entrepreneurs, coaches, and business owners. I’ve engaged with the learnings from the training each day since, and I’m so excited to work with Barbara again in the future!
— Laura Hughes // Empath Coach //



This program is built to dismantle the ingrained beliefs that in order for us to evolve we need to get past our struggles and extinguish our suffering.

Instead the Initiation will invite you into the heart of radical affirmation, the kind that knows that grace lives in the heart of the struggle and that compassion, meeting our needs and radical acceptance are the building blocks of individual and collective healing. This program will support you to develop confidence in holding space for yourself and others.

The foundation of all good space holding is our ability to stay present with ourselves in all of the full complexity of being human. As we learn to hold space for ourselves, our capacity to hold space for others is truly born. When we learn to fully and completely validate ourselves, we learn to make space for others just as they are without judgement or a need to “fix” them or their pain. By doing this, we gift them permission to fully trust their process, and therefore turn to their own innate wisdom and guidance.

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A Note to Healers, Coaches and Leaders

To be a powerful leader, we must be willing to be in the mess of it - to stand in the centre of the fire and not look away. Our world is desperate for leaders who can face the complexity of our collective waking up and stay present and loving.

We cannot be this kind of leader, not sustainably, if our own practice of self-love, trust and care isn’t built on a solid foundation of holding space.

The Be With approach is built on a set of very practical skills and simple (though not always easy) practices that will help you stay with yourself, and your client in the hot heat of it all. Leaning into this foundation will help you feel sane, well supported, and like you can trust yourself and your work in this world. Before we can responsibly offer leadership to our clients, our communities and our world, we must first lead and support ourselves.

A well supported leader is a powerful leader, one in it for the long game.

As we worked together, I thanked my guiding spirits for connecting me to Barbara. This is deep inner work of learning to be fully present & completely here with my feelings, my grief, my anger, my mistakes, my addictions, my wounds, my messy yet beautiful life. Be With coaching supported me to deeply witness and celebrate my experiences especially the most difficult and challenging ones. I came into this with a limiting belief that for the process of self-development to be meaningful it must be incredibly painful. Be With Coaching is not that. Barbara has a natural ability in meeting you where you are in life and journeying with you from there.
— Kanwal Rahim // Artist // @kanwal_rahim
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As a photographer, the ability to hold space is invaluable. For a long time I have been desiring to find a way to more deeply connect with my clients, and to help them safely work through their fears/anxieties that show up in front of the camera + when being seen. Barbara’s training is so incredibly enlightening, transformative and eye-opening. She has such an incredible talent and intuition when it comes to holding space. The concepts and principals shared during her teaching have already started to weave their way into my work. I highly recommend this work, not only for coaches, but any type of healer or human desiring to hold a deeper space for others.
— Amber Ellis // Photographer //



Want to know exactly what you’ll be learning?

The heart of the training program is the community and connection you will build with others, and the healing that becomes available to us when we hold space for one another and ourselves. However, the healing work we’ll be doing together will be supported by our course syllabus - a three month journey to help you use your mind, body and soul as portals for healing. This syllabus offers you a peek into the shape and content we’ll be covering through the audio trainings and going over during small group calls.

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Wed Feb 6th
WEEK ONE // AUDIO LESSON: Trusting Our Resilience

Every feeling, coping mechanism and circumstance we find ourselves in is something we’ve come by honestly. Yet, how do we learn to trust ourselves, or inspire others to trust themselves when it feels like we and the world we live in is a dumpster fire? Week one is an introduction to how collective and individual trauma affects our brain and capacity to thrive, and how we can begin to work with ourselves, rather than against ourselves. This week, expect exercises that will support you to practice awareness and help you (or your client) reframe experiences of suffering in the context of resilience and self-trust.

Wed, Feb 13th
WEEK TWO // AUDIO LESSON: Meeting Our Needs

The simplest and hardest thing is to consistently tune into, affirm and meet our needs. After all, we’re not only taught to avoid our needs, but also convinced our worth exists in direct proportion to what we are able to produce for others. Week two will build on week one to help you get honest with yourself about what you need, what you want and what meeting those needs consistently might look like. This week, expect deep experiential guidance on how to integrate greater curiosity into your space holding process, so that both you and those you hold space for can begin feel greater permission and strengthen their practice of knowing and meeting their needs.

Wed, Feb 20th
WEEK THREE // AUDIO LESSON: Parenting Your Inner Child

Our inner child is always with us, they never leave our side. But how do we relate to them? Most of us either tend to neglect our inner child or invalidate how they’ve feeling. This results in exhaustion, apathy, shame and sometimes even acting out. Just like real kids, inner children react by going into hiding, throwing temper tantrums and crying inconsolably. Week three will offer you an opportunity to check in on your relationship with your inner child, and begin to take steps towards a healthier, mores respectful and nurturing connection.

Wed, Feb 27th
WEEK FOUR // AUDIO LESSON: Affirmation, Resourcing and It’s Not Your Fault

In week four, we will begin to put our individual and interpersonal healing work in the context of systemic oppression. The healing of individual and collective trauma go hand in hand with one another. Living this truth out means a willingness to admit that we exist within oppressive structures where we may be both victim and complicit participant. Learning to say “It’s not my fault” will change your or your client’s ability to stay present with the truth of one’s life, enabling you or them to be able to make fully conscious, loving and empowered actions. Expect week four to offer exercises to strengthen skills in self-reflection, boundary setting, having difficult conversations and shedding misplaced guilt.

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Wed, March 6th
WEEK FIVE // AUDIO LESSON: Dropping into The Body

Whether we are exploring space holding for ourselves, or for a client, guiding our attention down into the body is one of the most powerful things we can do to create nervous system support, access intuition and begin a loving relationship with self. Most of us run from our bodies early in our lives - trauma, capitalism, body shaming, and lack of support make our bodies feel like an unsafe war zone. To heal, we must return to and discover the wisdom of being embodied. Week five homework will begin our exploration of dropping into the body, and making friends with being flesh and bone.

Fri, March 22nd
Shifting Feelings & Experience Through Movement
Ft. Intuitive Movement with Sophie Luxton

Sometimes, holding space is about making room and time for a quiet internal process. At other times it’s about a physical, blood, sweat and bones reality of taking up rightful embodied space. This matters more than we know. For women, queer and trans folks, and folks of colour, taking up space is still a radical act. Week eight will support you to explore your relationship to taking up physical space as a way to shift your feelings and experience. This experiential workshop will get you moving, sweating, grinding, pushing, pounding and moving trapped rage & grief. Sophie Luxton uses intuitive movement as a method of therapy, deep relaxation and healing and emotional release. She believes it is essential for us to know the landscape of our bodies and recognize the body's genius

Wed, March 25th
Loving a Body Under Oppression

What does it mean to claim our body as our own in systems that want us to disown, discipline and be disgusted with our bodies? Week seven is about the unapologetically messy process of reclaiming our bodies as good, worthy and appropriate. This week is visceral and political. Expect exercises that will have you leaning into embodies self-love and reclamation practices. We’re talking holding, stroking, extended eye contact in the mirror, and being willing to chance the belief that “my body is just as it is supposed to be, right here, right now.”

Wed, April 3rd
The Universe Inside Your Bones

As within, so without. If we want to find peace in our lives, and see reconciliation in our world, we must begin at home, in our own bodies. Our bodies are a brilliant access point to all the parts of us we love, hate, fear and feel indifferent towards. Our bodies are our first and last home, and they house most of the answers we seek outside ourselves. If you want to own your power, use your body to tap into desire. If you want to feel seen, be willing to see where shame lives in the body. During week six, expect exercises to help you learn how to work with the various parts of yourself or a client by letting the body be your/their channel, guide and healer.

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Wed, April 10th
Ft. Intuition Card Making with Or Har-Gil

As we begin to tend to our relationship with Spirit the same way we would to an intimate partnership, our need for ritual becomes both less and more important. Whether you are new to spiritual practice, or have been seeking Source for decades, Week Nine will stoke your curiosity about how spirituality can be both a channel and a reason for holding space. This week includes a special intuition card making tutorial with Or Har-Gil, who is an Art Therapist (M.A.) and Creativity Coach who helps you connect to your intuition through creativity, ritual, and full-spectrum self-expression.

Wed, April 17th
WEEK TEN // AUDIO LESSON: Experiments to Set You Free

Most of us keep ourselves trapped in an internal hell of never good enough by treating ourselves like a project. We treat our growth and healing like a job or a task. We judge our progression and use harmful dualities that prevent us from trusting the spiralic Life/Death/Life cycle of all things. In week nine, we will move into the territory of tending to our relationship to Spirit, using our intuitive capacity to create space holding experiments for ourselves and others. Expect homework that will get you trying new ways of being, thinking and relating that depend more on intuition and experiment and less on logic or habit.

Wed, April 24th
Appropriation and Decolonizing our Spirituality
Ft. Asha Frost

Spirituality belongs to all of us. Specific traditional spiritual practices do not. Week eleven is all about decolonizing our spirituality, and coming into right relationship with practice by keeping what is sacred sacred. With guidance from Asha Frost, we will explore how to nourish our spiritual life and the lives of others in a way that honours and respects histories and current realities of genocide and cultural appropriation. Asha ,BA (Hon. Psych), DSHM is an Anishinaabe woman from Neyaashiinigmiing (Cape Croker). She is a Medicine Woman, Mentor and Visionary who believes that we heal when we awaken to the beautiful medicine that we carry within. She facilitates healing in her practice, through the use of Shamanic Healing, Homeopathy and Indigenous Based Ceremony. She is a teacher, leader and visionary.

Wed, May 1st
Who are your beliefs in service of?

Week twelve is an opportunity to pause and reflect on your spiritual beliefs and practices, and ask who they serve. Many of us internalized beliefs about ourselves, others, Source and our planet that are harmful, shame-driven and prejudiced.  To begin to do the reparative work we have before us, we must get honest and grieve harmful beliefs and practices that still oppress us individually and collectively. Then, we must be willing to weed out that which does not serve, and invite kinder meaning making into our spiritual life. Expect exercises to help you do just that.

Mon, May 6th
WEEK THIRTEEN // LIVE WORKSHOP & AUDIO LESSON: The God Question: Free Will and Surrender
ft. Breathwork with Amy Kuretsky

As we wake up to our healing and our suffering, the beauty and the ache of our world - what now? Week thirteen is a call to listen to our calling, and to know that we have both the power to shift energy towards our intentions, and a guiding force that wants to speak into our lives always. Amy Kuretsky (she/her) is a wellness coach for mind, body, and business. Her work is focused on helping women-identified and non-binary business owners connect to and heal their heart wounds by using breathwork and tarot. Breathwork is a form of active meditation using a two-stage breath that helps you release stuck emotions, connect you to your inner knowing, and open your creative channel - all to a mind-blowing soundtrack.


Be With Training gave me the opportunity to crack open my heart in the presence of an intimate group, committed to doing their work. Through that opening, I felt what support feels like in my body, and the power and honour of seeing someone + being seen. I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to do this work in a safe community, lead by a woman committed to her own work.
— Jordyn Fitzgerald // Life Coach // @jordynfitz

Meet The Guest Experts

Sophie Luxton

Sophie Luxton

Or Har-Gil

Or Har-Gil

Asha Frost

Asha Frost

Amy Kuretsky

Amy Kuretsky



How much time will doing this program take?

Each week’s audio lesson will be 15 - 2o minutes in length. The experiential exercises suggested will vary in requirement - some weeks you will receive instructions for an experiment that will simply build on what you already do in your day to day life, and other weeks the exercise will require you to set aside some quiet time to practice and explore. Expect to set aside time for a bi-weekly 90 minute call/workshop for either the three month or six month initiation.

Do I need to be a professional space-holder to participate in the Initiation?

Anyone is welcome to participate in the three month initiation as the skills built in the first three months can just as easily (and I would say are fostered when) applied to our own process of holding space for ourselves.

If I do have a service-based business or hold space professionally, can I participate in just the three month program?

If you have a professional practice or service based business or would like to be able to extend your space holding skills to your work with others, I strongly recommend you commit to the six month Initiation. If finances are an issue, please get in touch at for an extended payment plan or look below to learn about my sliding scale.

I can’t afford this, but feel like this would be of deep service! Do you have any scholarships spots available?

Accessibility has always been one of my main values, and honouring my values is where it is at. In keeping with that, I am offering sliding scale pricing, as well as extended payment plans to those who need it. For the Three Month Initiation you can pick your own price between $333 and $777 for the program. For the Six Month Initiation, you can pick your own price between $1333 and $1777 for the program. Please keep in mind, that if you have your own business, or do this work professionally, you may be able to consider some or all of the cost of this training program as an expense. Consult your accountant for their advice. To help you decide what your price should be I recommend checking out this article or this graphic by Amber from The Wild Garden and Alexis from Worts + Cunning Apocathery respectively. Then, send me an e-mail at to let me know a little bit about where you’re at and whether you would like to request an extended payment plan, or sliding scale pricing.

What is your refund policy?

Because of the intimacy and hands-on nature of this program (your one on one intake call & your place in a dedicated small group) there are no refunds on this course.

Ummm, will I be expected to do therapy with people in this group?

No. Though the group will include witnessing, space holding and care that will in itself be healing and therapeutic, this program is neither a replacement for therapy nor training in psychotherapy. Think of this training program to help you deepen your ability to stay fully present with another and yourself in way where simply presence unlocks the therapeutic nature of being seen and validated.


Still not sure if this training is for you?
Book a free 15 minute call with me to connect!

Barbara facilitates in a way that gently places a mirror of truth in front of you, unconditionally validating whatever you’re going through and teaching you how to do the same for yourself and others. I learned how to be more present with where I am in any given moment, how to move through any experience with less judgement and greater ease, and how to ask for what I need. My capacity for holding space has grown exponentially: for myself, for my friends, for the clients in my coaching practice and for my project management work. These are deceptively hard skills to master, but they’re invaluable. And even though there’s so much that’s amazing about the experience, the best part has been creating deep ties of kinship with the other womxn in my small group—to continue connecting with, leaning on and loving up each other, even now that our mastermind is “done.” This work has been a true gift and an investment I gladly would make so many times over.
— Iris Rankin // Coach, Project Manager & Retreat Guide // @iris_rankin
Strongly rooted in an anti-oppressive framework and working from a trauma informed prospective, Barbara created a learning community that valued everyone as a knowledge holder, and balanced experiential learning with just the right amount of theoretical foundation. As a teacher Barbara is deeply present, profoundly compassionate, and endlessly encouraging. Working with her filled me with a deep gratitude, the excitement for new knowledge, and the hunger to continue learning. My most valuable takeaway from this work is that space holding is not about becoming the perfect vessel for someone to pour out their experiences into. Rather, it’s about becoming a messy human ally that partners with people as they explore their own pathways and journeys.
— Jayeden Walker // Social Work Student // @vernal_wisdom