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Welcome to Be With!

My name is Barbara and I'm an emotional wellness coach, a non-religious minister, queer progressive babe, and your go to for feelings & ritual.

Be With is the love child of my years of training & experience in ministry, psychotherapy, coaching and institutional rebel rousing. It's here to help you feel your feelings, nourish your spiritual life and learn how to be with yourself, others & this magical thing we call Life itself. 

These days you'll find me seeing clients & running groups in Toronto & remotely, hosting retreats and facilitating sacred gatherings. 

Want to get to know me better?


A sacred monthly service for queer & trans folks and our allies. Gather with us in person in Toronto or join our Patreon to support the work!


One on one & group support to help you make both internal and external shifts to experience more meaning and presence in your daily life. 


A simple tool tool to help you break the nasty habit of putting yourself last. Invite more ease, joy and connection into your life. 

The Be With Workshop in Austin, TX!

The Be With Workshop in Austin, TX!

I also REALLY love instastories, so come hang with me @bewithcards where I drop truthbombs and share about my own emotional wellness journey on the daily.