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Ever since traveling to Austin earlier this year, I've been wanting to visit other cities and share this powerful 2-part workshop with as many womxn as possible. I'm honored to partner with Marissa from Ampersand Coaching to bring this event series to the Pittsburg community.

The Be With Workshop | Saturday, July 28, 6-9pm

That critical voice you have playing on loop inside your head - you're not alone in it. It may be a total bummer and bad for your mental health, but how do you actually transform it?

That's what we'll be exploring in this workshop.

Most of us are walking around exhausted from trying to improve ourselves - we want to straighten our posture, clean up our eating habits, brighten our skin, increase our savings, and curate our homes. We want it all to look and feel just right. So we put in the work and the time and the love, and then we step back and wonder why none of it ever feels like enough.

The problem is that constantly striving to become a better version of ourselves is only ever going to make us feel inadequate in the present moment. When we're always chasing some imaginary better, we actually invalidate and leave behind our current, precious selves.

It's time we learn how to treat ourselves with some tender loving care. So let's flip the script! Instead of attending to your improvement, let's attend to you, just as you are right now. The Be With approach is all about learning to be with yourself by listening to and respecting what you need and what you feel. Because when we start from a place of enoughness, then the door opens to all possibilities of growth - growth built on a healthy and respectful relationship with yourself.

Our workshop will include a group discussion, journaling, and a lively presentation from Barbara sharing how the Be With approach helped her heal from chronic depression, find love, navigate difficult family and church relationships, and begin the business of her dreams.

The Be With Masterclass | Sunday, July 29, 6-9pm

This will be an intimate event, where participants will be invited to try and build on the learning from the Be With Workshop the previous night for themselves. There will be opportunities for one-on-one coaching, deep exploration and applicable learning. The Masterclass will be limited to 10 women, and is ideal for those who want to explore a particular area of life where they are holding themselves back or craving extra support.

Because the material in the Masterclass on Sunday, July 29 will build upon the foundations we learned in the Workshop the night before, we are asking that anyone who wants to attend the Masterclass, plans to be there for both events. If you have questions about this, please send us an email at, so we can chat.

LOCATION: One Point One Yoga | 4929 Penn Avenue, Pittsburg, PA 15224


  • A notebook/journal and something to write with
  • Your yoga mat
  • An open heart
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10:00 AM10:00


What would it feel like to give yourself permission?

Permission to pause and breathe. To meet your needs without feeling guilty or indulgent. To let yourself be truly seen. To stop worrying about being “not enough” or “too much.” 

Can you imagine what it feel like to cast off self-criticism, self-doubt, and over-thinking? What would be possible if you showed up as your fullest, brightest, boldest self, more of the time? 

Join Art Therapist Or Har-Gil and coach Barbara Erochina for a day of giving yourself permission to show up for yourself, bravely and honestly. 

You’ll be part of an intimate group of driven, inspiring women, ready to give themselves the kindness and love they give everyone else. 

You’ll experience: 

  • Yin Yoga to get you grounded and in your body 
  • Art Therapy to help you connect with your intuition and break the cycle of overthinking
  • Coaching to help you gently cast off your habits of self-criticism and foster a kinder relationship with yourself 
  • Nourishing lunch and snacks
  • A gift bag with a mini-deck of Be With: Cards for Self-Care and other goodies!

All in a gorgeous, light-filled space with a group of other amazing women. 

This retreat is for you if you’re: 

  • A recovering people pleaser or perfectionist (just like us!)
  • A driven woman who compulsively over-delivers, while never feeling enough
  • Fed up with empty personal development programs that promise to “fix you” in 7 easy steps 
  • Ready to get to the heart of what’s holding you back so you can move forward 

"The experience was invaluable. Or and Barbara created a safe and supportive space for us to fully engage with the material and express ourselves. Highly recommend! Come with an open mind and heart." - Permission Slip Retreat Participant

**The retreat is open to all who are woman-identified, including trans, cis, and non-binary folks. 

"The experience was invaluable. Or and Barbara created a safe and supportive space for us to fully engage with the material and express ourselves. Highly recommend! Come with an open mind and heart." - Permission Slip Retreat Participant

Investment: $215 + HST

Bring a friend and save $20 on each ticket!

To keep it intimate, space is limited and at this point there are only 4 tickets left! Reserve your spot early by e-mailing me at and sending payment by e-transfer.

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