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Hello bold & tender,

You’ve made the big leap, taken courageous risks and have begun to see your dreams coming true. You’ve earned the respect of others, and feel confidence that you’re building towards an important future.

Yet, you keep finding yourself at the mercy of things you can’t control, and it’s becoming an exhausting battle.

Maybe you’re struggling with infertility, moving through a needed but heartbreaking separation, or thinking about folding or shifting your existing business in order to keep pace with your personal evolution.

At some point, we came to believe that if we worked hard enough, played big enough and made enough of a positive impact in the world that we would be happy.

That somehow our messy tendency towards being human would be tamed - controlled as strategically as a top knot.

Here's how I know that. I’m you. And I don’t mean you before I discovered some formula for taming my insecurity, calming my nerves and forging ahead anyway. No, I’m still you.

Some days I wake up dreading my dream job, shutting out my partner, and eating all my feelings.  

But here's the radical difference: I don't add fuel to the fire by judging myself for it. Instead, I treat difficult emotions and hard days as data. I listen for what's up with me with loving curiosity, and get creative about what support I need to return to alignment, and practice deep surrender to the process of becoming.

I'm really good at being unconditionally kind to myself, and seeking out the support of others and Spirit when it’s all simply too much.

And my unique gift is that I can help you develop this same ability.

Photo by W&E Photographie

Photo by W&E Photographie

I chose to work with Barbara because I experienced an in-person coaching session with her during a workshop and was absolutely blown away by how deeply seen and supported she made me feel in only ten minutes. As we worked together, she helped me vastly increase my capacity to sit with myself and my feelings, to be kinder and gentler to myself in every way, to access the wisdom my body holds, and to listen to and meet my own needs every single day. Working with Barbara helped me change the way I fundamentally approach my life moment to moment and I could not be more grateful.
— Erica Midkiff // @ericatmidkiff

To be a powerful leader, we must be willing to be in the mess of it - to stand in the centre of the fire and not look away. Our world is desperate for leaders who can face the complexity of our collective waking up and stay present and loving.

We cannot be this kind of leader, not sustainably, if our own practice of self-love, trust and care isn’t built on a solid foundation.

My foundation is build on a set of practical skills and simple (though not always easy) practices that help me stay with myself, my loved ones and our world in the hot heat of it all. When I lean into this foundation, I feel sane, well supported, and like I can trust myself and my work in this world. I’m reminded that before I can responsibly offer leadership to my clients, my family and my community, that I must first lead and support myself.

A well supported leader is a powerful leader, one in it for the long game.

I have worked with coaches over the years and have found them all helpful in different ways. But I’ve found that I can only go as deep as the coach has gone themselves. I hired Barbara because I was finding myself at a place where I needed to go deeper than I had ever gone before (to a place I was utterly terrified to go myself). I felt comfortable knowing that Barbara could hold such a tender space for me as I worked through generations of pain. Because of our work together, I’ve been able to soften in ways that never felt safe or comfortable to do so previously - all which have greatly benefited both my personal relationships and my ability to hold space for my own clients. I truly believe that healing is a spiral - without a beginning or and ending - and that Barbara shares that belief with me. I appreciate her willingness to follow the spiral with me, holding space in the easy times as well as the challenging ones. In Barbara I have found a coach, a teacher, a friend, and a fountain of never-ending support.
— Amy Kuretsky // host of the Health Fuels Hustle podcast // @amykuretsly
Photo by Eliesa Johnson

Photo by Eliesa Johnson

How Coaching Works:

Be With Coaching is a combination of intuitive guidance, therapeutic and trauma-informed space holding, and emotional intelligence skill building, all done in a the context of an intersectional, anti-oppressive framework.

Each session is unique and may include frank conversation, somatic work with the body, meditation and/or visualization, space holding for grief or anger, inner child and inner critic work, psychodrama exercises such as two chair work, critical engagement with and untangling of the -isms we live in and have internalized, exploration of ritual or spiritual beliefs, skill building in emotional intelligence, and much more.

Coaching calls happen a free video conference platform called Zoom, so a strong internet connection is a must-have if you're remote.

Introductory Coaching Package:


  • Twelve sixty minute coaching sessions over six months.

  • Regular video messaging support between sessions

  • A curated care package in the mail

  • Custom tools as well as access to my own personal resource library, featuring videos, reading and exercises.

  • Investment $3900 or $675 a month x 6 months *

*FINANCIAL ACCESSIBILITY:  One on one coaching is a significant financial and emotional investment on your end, and a significant energetic and emotional investment on mine. I know this makes it financially inaccessible to most, especially folks of colour, queer and trans folks, disabled and mad folks, and others experiencing the brunt of oppression today. I’ve always prioritized doing sliding scale work, and am currently in discernment about what this will look like during this new season. I ask for your patience with me as I first secure a liveable wage, launch The Gathering, and concurrently explore what would be the most accessible and sustainable way for me to offer coaching supports to more people.

In the mean time, Toronto local folks will soon be able to attend The Gathering, a monthly sacred service for queer and trans folks and our allies, as well as our weekly community meal. Though this offering will not include formal coaching, I will be available for pastoral care to all who take part in the community.

I only ever work with six consistent clients at a time which means I only take on new clients once in a while. In order to express your interest you can set up a free connection call with me below. Connection calls are slow, delicious, no-expectation first dates for you and I to see if we have the unique spark necessary for building a true partnership. 

Sessions happen via audio on a free-to-you conference platform called Zoom, so a strong internet connection is a must-have if you're remote.

Feeling the instinct to reach out?

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I love working with Barbara! I came to her at a very challenging time in my personal and professional life. I knew that if I didn’t seek help, I was going to lose control of my business. I’ve been working with her for six months now, and I always look forward to our sessions. She has taught me to slow down, take a breath and really listen to what my body needs. It sounds easy but it has taken me months to learn the answers I already have inside of me. I’m amazed each session how much I have on my mind, and appreciate how gentle and approachable Barbara’s approach is.
— Rachel Kelly // Founder of Make Lemonade // @makelemonadeco
Barbara asks insightful questions that encourage me to look at my habits and self-limiting beliefs with compassion, and holds space for me as I do the work. My coaching relationship with Barbara gave me the courage to gently cast off my coping mechanisms and stride into the life I’ve been dreaming of.
- AL, Toronto

My Coaching Philosophy:


  • You are the expert on your own life. The most important thing I will teach you is how to trust yourself.

  • The best way to speed up is to slow down. All that we need is available to us in the here and now. 

  • Every behaviour, thought, feeling and circumstance is something that you've come by honestly. The best way to move away from something that doesn't serve you is to figure out how it does serve you, and then remove the negative charge from it by practicing self-compassion.

  • Whatever it is we think the problem is - isn't actually the problem. It's just the flag waving for our attention, asking us to look closer. theI'll guide you, nurture you, and share my own lessons in order to assist you on your journey.


My Coaching Style:


  • Warm, affirming, honest, and deeply intuitive.

  • Combines Gestalt psychotherapy, co-active coaching, somatic practice and spiritual direction. 

  • Influenced by Dr. Kristin Neff's work on self-compassion, Brene Brown's work on vulnerability & shame and Susan David's work on emotional agility.

  • Informed by an anti-oppression framework which is queer, POC, sex and body positive.

  • Isn't about achieving goals or forcing outcomes. Instead, I'm all about you learning to slow down so you can get clarity on where you're at, what support you need, and how to keep moving in a direction that brings you to life.


Ready to connect?

I feel completely at ease with Barbara. She’s helped me build a collection of tools and vocabulary that I use every day - not only to face challenges and painful moments, but to be kind to myself and feel good. - S.A.
It’s rare to meet a person as supportive and incisive as Barbara. She helped me develop useful tools to deal with imposter syndrome in a new career, grief from recent losses, and fear of rejection in my personal life. These mental tools helped me generate healthy thought patterns and behaviours that allow me to continue supporting myself long after our sessions are done. And she’s just a radiant person who is a pleasure to spend time with. If you’re ready to be open and make changes then Barbara can help support you on your journey toward well being.

- LC

Want to learn more?



  • You’re ready to finally embrace the messy, beautiful rollercoaster that is being human.

  • You want to learn to enjoy the ride, even and especially when you can’t control the ups & downs.

  • You're tired of band-aid solutions and are aching to dive deep.

  • You want to be more of who you actually are every single day.

  • You long to be fuelled by courage rather than fear.

  • You're tired of being critical, both towards yourself and others.

  • You're starting to wonder if there has got to be a better way to approaching personal growth, one that doesn't treat you like a problem to be fixed.


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