Be With: Cards for Self-Care

It's time to make self-care simple. 

Taking good care of ourselves shouldn’t feel like yet another item on a never ending to do list, but often it does. This deck is here to change that.

Be With is a set of thirty-six beautiful watercolour cards that come in six different categories: write, speak, ask, rest, move and affirm. Each category suggests simple prompts to help you slow down, pay mindful attention, and give yourself tender loving care. The cards can be used daily or weekly, or just when you need them. Shuffle them all together and pull one at random, or work through them category by category. It’s up to you. Bring the benefits of therapy into your everyday life and learn how to give yourself the love you give everyone else.



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Barbara Erochina

Barbara Erochina is a coach, storyteller, facilitator and speaker... as well as queer lady, foodie, Russian immigrant, cat impersonator and cancer/leo cusp. Barbara speaks on and facilitates conversations about emotional wellness.