#2 - Q & A Feelings: Guilt, Worthiness, Jealousy and Anger

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Today, listen in on a Q & A all about feelings. I answer listener questions like:

- How do I make myself feel like I’m enough?
- Jealousy is killing me, help!
- What if I’m afraid of my feelings overwhelming me? 
- What do I do with feelings of guilt about family?
- Anger, wtf?

Learn how to look at your feelings in a new way and practice curiosity about what’s really going on underneath so you can move through the emotion, meet your needs and feel better. We’ll explore how slowing down with what we’re feeling in the present moment is a way of creating evidence for ourselves that what we feel is okay, and that we’re worth the love and attention. Feelings are useful information - learn how to understand yours!

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ABOUT THE PODCAST: A podcast about the art & practice of care with your host, emotional wellness coach Barbara Erochina. The Be With Podcast explores healthy spirituality, feeling our feelings and justice for all.

ABOUT BARBARA: Barbara Erochina is an emotional wellness coach and the creator of Cards for Self- Care. She combines Gestalt psychotherapy, spiritual direction and coaching in order to help coaches, leaders and healers deepen their own inner life and have greater impact through their work in the world. Barbara coaches one on one, runs online masterminds and offers in-person retreats & workshops.





Barbara Erochina

Barbara Erochina is a coach, storyteller, facilitator and speaker... as well as queer lady, foodie, Russian immigrant, cat impersonator and cancer/leo cusp. Barbara speaks on and facilitates conversations about emotional wellness.