You’re a whip-smart woman and you know change doesn’t happen overnight. But still, you’re tired of feeling anxious and insecure.

You’ve done enough therapy to have awareness of the ways you hold yourself back and the coping mechanisms that keep you small, and yet changing any of these patterns feels impossible.


Does this sound familiar?

  • Your attempts to control how others see you leave you feeling insecure and lonely.
  • You constantly place unrealistic expectations on yourself and others, which keeps you feeling like a failure
  • You carry around a belief that you’re the only one who can do things “right” which makes you feel unsupported by others and resentful
  • You’re aware enough to cancel plans when you need to, but want to learn how to check in before saying yes in the first place.

I’m with you sister…

We’ve come by all these patterns honestly. But knowing that doesn’t make struggling with them any easier. If we’re so damn smart, and well read/podcast fueled, and we know how to be better to ourselves and others, why aren’t we actually doing it?

The answer is simple - we’re lacking the support we need to put what we already know with our minds into practice with our lives.

Be With Monthly offers the support you’re looking for.


Be With Monthly is a coaching program unlike any other. It’s an affordable, subscription based offering that is meant to be an ongoing, and sustainable form of support.

Why? Because we don't need to be fixed. What we need is to be supported, to be understood, to witness others' stories and have ours validated, affirmed and truly seen.

I’ve crafted it in direct response to what women just like you told me they’re looking for over the phone, in person and by e-mail.  Crafted over 8 months of research, 40 interviews, and a detailed survey, the program offers one on one coaching, community support, teaching and real life examples of others doing the same work. Because we learn best by doing, creating, teaching, and by example, not just by the consumption of information.


What’s included:

  • A monthly deep dive video/audio recording exploring a common stumbling block and teaching a corresponding skill in the emotional intelligence toolbox.

  • Form-fillable PDFs to help you integrate the learning and combine discovery with action.

  • A sneak peek recording of a real coaching session exploring that month’s challenge.

  • A monthly 1.5 - 2 hour live call with myself and a consistent group of 6 people.

  • Access to bi-weekly first come, first serve 1 on 1 coaching mini-sessions with me.


Exclusive savings and first dibs on in-person events and retreats 

Discounted rates for 1 on 1 full coaching sessions

Upcoming events include:

Urban Retreat in Toronto Fall 2017

Workshop in Austin, TX in early March 2018 with Mindful Moments ATX

Prince Edward County Weekend Retreat Spring 2018

How you will be changed:

- You will learn how to tune into your own needs and wants, and develop a more loving, accountable relationship with yourself. 
- Your emotional landscape will become a source of information for you, rather than a rollercoaster with no way off. 
- You will develop confidence to speak up in your relationships and stand up for yourself and what you believe in.
- You will learn how to unapologetically live on your own terms, and according to your own priorities, not those of your parents, partner or community. 
- You will gain the emotional and communication skills you need to feel ready to take the risks you've been afraid to. 
- You will be equipped with a new way of using loving, positive language to relate to yourself and others.
- You will deepen your well of compassion, and find a gentler but bolder way of moving through your world.


I'm Barbara, your feelings coach...

Five and a half years into therapy I was feeling self-aware AF but still stuck in a patterns of saying yes when I wanted to say no, anxiously grasping for control, and being critical of myself and others constantly. Then, everything changed. My new therapist encouraged me to risk the possibility that instead of trying to trying to fix myself, I learn to support myself, just as I am. I took the risk and began a healing journey unlike any I had ever imagined possible.

When we try to fix ourselves or become the "best" version of ourselves, we’re essentially telling ourselves that there is something wrong with us as we are at the present moment. We keep ourselves feeling inadequate, small and stuck.

Instead, when we choose to support ourselves, we communicate to ourselves and to others around us that who we are is already enough. This is actually what opens the door to transformation - acceptance & support of ourselves as we are.

These days, I end every coaching session the exact same way. I ask my clients, “How are you going to support yourself as you leave our session today?” I do this because I know that when we have the support we need - we are capable of absolutely anything we dream of.


The subscription launches on November 1st, with the first three month cohort taking us all the way through the holidays and to the end of January. Because we could all use a little support to move through the holidays with less stress, and welcoming in the new year calls for community!

"Working with Barbara has been the single greatest thing I could have ever done for myself. Even though establishing boundaries is something that I’ve known for years I needed to do, I never quite knew exactly how. Through a couple of sessions and one really powerful visualization exercise, I knew in my bones the tough decision I had to make. Since establishing that boundary, I have felt more liberated and so much more in alignment with living one step closer to my truest self. Barbara has helped me realize that I cannot control other people’s reactions, and that should never be the reason why I don’t do what I know I need.

Barbara is unbelievably mindful, honest, approachable, and downright lovely. She makes me feel like I have an honest partner in doing this meaningful soul work. I see her sharing very openly about her own struggles and triumphs - she truly understands what it’s like to do this work too. Not only is she my teacher, but she’s a fellow seeker. To have someone see you so completely, and to support you as you learn to best support yourself, is an experience I wish to bestow on anyone. I feel her unconditional love and support, and she is setting an example for how I want to show up in my life."

- Maggie Gentry, Own Your Why

MaggieGentryWebRes-26 (1).JPG

Be With Monthly isn’t For You if:

  • You’re dead set on becoming a “better” you. #Sorrynotsorry this is a club for those of us who are ready to risk trading in self-improvement in for self-compassion.

  • You’re not ready to try on new habits or beliefs. Example: If you’re MO is to push through, I’m gonna challenge you to consider easing up or even (horror!) giving something up once in a while to see how that works for you instead. If you’ve got some resistance coming up right now, this is a good sign this is a learning curve for you. However, if you just think that’s just stupid, I ain't your gal.


Be With Monthly is For You If:

  • You’re ready to do the work and commit to the messy, raw, and slow process of change.

  • Letting go of control feels impossible, and yet you know that you need to loosen up and let others in.

  • You’re tired of trying to live up to your own unrealistic expectations, and want to learn how to do epic things without feeling like a failure or burning out.

  • You’re ready to see some progress on your journey to healthier self-esteem and self-love.

  • You find it hard to prioritize time for you in the face of social or work commitments & invitations.

Keep in mind:

If you’ve never ever done any self-development work, whether through coaching, therapy, yoga, meditation or reading books and are brand new to this scene, this program may feel like a LOT. You can still totes sign up, but know this is more of a masterclass for folks who have already been doing a lot of self-reflection. If you want to come play with us, come on in, and don’t rush yourself to implement everything right away. Take your time, stick around and you’ll save yourself plenty of frustration and years of hard work by pacing yourself.

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 10.07.21 AM.png


As soon as I met Barbara, I felt an instant connection and felt drawn to work with her. I love the principals she stands upon and the focused + intentional approach to her work. This was evident before we even had our first session together. Through her coaching program, I was able to work through some BIG pieces that had been holding me back for a very long time. Giving me the courage share my voice, along with permission to take up space in order to take care of my deepest needs. Barbara is not only an amazing coach, but she truly embodies what she teaches. Her sessions taught me to practice compassion not only for others, but also for myself. At the end of our time together I left feeling empowered, heard, and inspired to take the action that I deeply needed in my life.  

- Amber, Creating Light Studio






A video recording as well as an audio mp3 (same content, just on the go!) exploring a common challenge and teaching a corresponding skill in the emotional intelligence toolbox.





A 1.5 - 2 hour live call with myself and a consistent group of 6  women. Consider this your safe and intimate space to be real about your struggles, and to take turns listening to and supporting others, and receiving support in return.





Form-fillable PDFs to help you integrate the learning and combine discovery with action. Chock full of journal prompts, additional resources and links to articles, books and podcasts.








A monthly recording of an actual coaching session with a special guest exploring that month’s challenge and practicing that month’s skill.







Access to bi-weekly first come, first serve 1 on 1 coaching mini-sessions with me, twenty minutes each.











A discounted rate of $120 on one off virtual coaching sessions (normally $170, and only as part of a package) for as long as you’re a member of Be With Monthly. This is a really great deal!






Exclusive savings and first dibs on in-person events and retreats, including upcoming events in Toronto, ON and Austin, TX, and Prince Edward County.



Have a different question? Simply email with your question, and I'll be happy to fill you in.

1. What can I expect after signing up?

After you sign up and set up your pre-approved monthly payment, you will receive a personal welcome from me! I’ll get you set up with an intake questionnaire to get you into the right monthly coaching group, and all the info you need to know how to make the most of your subscription including office hours, group calls, real talk recordings and more!

2. What kind of topics will the teaching portion of the subscription cover?

We will be looking at many of the personal struggles that are common to the driven, self-aware and deeply caring women that I work with. Monthly topics will include setting healthy boundaries, releasing unhealthy expectations, managing anxiety, nurturing self-love and many others. Which topic will be covered during each month will be decided as we go, as the subscription will be formed with the participants needs as the priority.

3. Do I receive personal support throughout this course?

Yes! I will be guiding all of your monthly group coaching calls. In addition to that, I will be holding virtual office hours every other week on a weeknight from 4pm - 7pm EST, during which you can sign up for a 20 minute slot to go over something one on one. And if you want even more support, as long as you’re a member of the program, you’ll be able to book one-off sessions with me for a discounted rate of $120 a session (savings of $50 a session).

4. What if I decide to/ already work with you 1 on 1?

Love that keener attitude! This is one surefire way to super charge this time of growth. Be With Monthly offers group process which is tremendously powerful, and will allow you to see patterns in others that you may be unwilling to look at in yourself in our one on one work. To do this work while being supported not just by me, but by a whole community of women... whoah. Let's make it happen Get in touch with me at to make this happen!

5. Ummm, so we’re pals/acquaintances from the IRL world… will it be awkward if I sign up for your program and/or can I have a discount?

Nope, it won’t be awkward! I love being able to support folks with whom I have a pre-existing relationship and have coached many a pal. My good friend Alyssa described it in this way

“I’ve known Barbara since early 2012. I was slightly nervous do see Barbara as a “client,” but also trusted her that it would be alright after various conversations we had about where I was in my life. After a few sessions, I was ready to move ahead in quitting a job that was leading me to being stressed and depressed. As soon as I quit, I had such a sense of relief and felt like I got my life back. Without seeing Barbara, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to handle things the way I did and I appreciate her work in that process immensely.”

And no, I can’t give you a discount. The program is already priced to be as accessible as possible, and my sliding scale rates are reserved for folks of colour, queer folks, and folks with disabilities who are accessing my one on one coaching services. This program may feel like a pretty penny to you and I want to acknowledge that’s real, but the investment is one I’m encouraging you to make in yourself. You are worth it. 

6. What if I can’t attend one of the group calls?

I will do my best before the calls begin to make sure we pick a regular monthly time everyone in your coaching group can attend. If you miss the call last minute, you miss the call. The group calls will be a safe space to share from the heart and in the moment, so we’re going to treat them as sacred, and not record them.

7. I am not based in Canada, does that matter?

This program is virtual so that is no problemo! And I love travelling all over North America to offer workshops, speaking and retreats. If you want to host me and a Be With Monthly gathering in your hometown, give me a shout and we’ll see if it’s a good fit!




There are no refunds on your subscription to Be With Monthly. If you know this program is for you, I encourage you to sign up for 9 months right away (savings of $180) but if you’re feeling like investing in something new is a real big leap, then you’re welcome to make a commitment of only three months to start.




$137 USD Monthly


$127 USD Monthly


 $117 USD Monthly